Coast Salish Bibliography

Coast Salish Ethnographic Bibliography

Since 1996 I have been working to assemble a reasonably comprehensive bibliography of ethnographic works about Coast Salish peoples, and works of Indigenous research by Coast Salish scholars and community-based researchers and knowledge holders. Today there are 850 citations in this bibliography.

The scope of this bibliography does not include archaeological or linguistic work (generally speaking), though there are works by archaeologists and linguists.

While I hope to better sort and tag this list one day, currently the best way to find something you are interested in is to search (using CTRL-[F] in your desktop browser or -> Find in Page in your mobile browswer) for keywords, or scroll down the very long bibliography to search alphabetically by author.

Download Entire Bibliography

While I work out a better way to provide a tagged and indexed version of this bibliography, I invite you to download it for use in your own reference management software. I provide it here in the BibTeX file format so it can be widely imported into many different systems.

Coast Salish Bibliography [BibTeX File Download]