about Brian Thom

I am an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Victoria. You can read about me on Wikipedia.

My wife Karen Fediuk is an award-winning researcher who works on Indigenous food systems (www.karenfediuk.ca). We are parents of two fine young men.

I am on several social media channels (below), though Facebook is mainly for family and friends.

I have played D&D since the late 70s, and ran a long-time campaign [blog] now in hiatus. I look forward to playing again...

Library Access for non-Open Access Links

Several of the papers on this site are not yet available as open-access versions. Many of these are will be available through your library, but you have to log in to your library's database to be able to see it. Normally, this involves heading to your library's website and logging-in with your library card. Then if that article or ebook is in your library's database, it will be availabe to you.

If you are in school, your librarian should be able to help you with this.

If you use a public library, you should start at your library's database page: