Book Reviews

Scholarly Book Reviews

Reading is one of the pleasures that we seldom get enough time to do, and reading book-length works can be particularly challenging given all the demands on our time.

I have approached book reviews to help people zero in on what may be significant about a work, and to offer a critical view where warranted. Most of the books I have reviewed are set in Coast Salish communities or are related ethnographic work.

(2017) Review Article. The Contemporary Coast Salish: Essays by Bruce Granville Miller. Edited by Bruce Granville Miller and Darby C. Stapp. Memoir 12 Journal of Northwest Anthropology. BC Studies, 195:158-159.

(2013) Review Article. 'We Are Still Didene' Stories of Hunting and History from Northern British Columbia, by Thomas McIlwraith. Native Studies Review. 22(1):210-211.

(2006) Review Article. Authentic Indians: Episodes of Encounter from the Late Nineteenth Century Northwest Coast, by Paige Raibmon. American Indian Culture and Research Journal. 30(4):135-138.

(2005) Review Article. Musqueam Reference Grammar, by Wayne Suttles. American Anthropologist. 107(4):746.

(2005) Commentary. A Stó:lo - Coast Salish Historical Atlas: A Rejoinder to Carlson and McHalsie (2004). American Anthropologist. 107(1):175.

(2004) Review Article. At Home with the Bella Coola Indians: T.F. McIlwraith’s Field Letters, 1922-4, by John Barker and Douglas Cole (eds). Anthropologica. 46(1):116-117.

(2002) Review Article. A Stó:lō - Coast Salish Historical Atlas, by Keith Carlson (ed). American Anthropologist. 104(3):974-975. [HTML]

(2001) Review Article. Lushootseed Culture and the Shamanic Odyssey: An Anchored Radiance, by Jay Miller. American Anthropologist. 103(2):581-582. [HTML]

(2001) Review Article. Cis Dideen Kat: When Plumes Rise, The Way of the Lake Babine Nation, by Jo-Anne Fiske and Betty Patrick. Native Studies Review. 14(2):142-146 [HTML]

(2000) Review Article. Brushed by Cedar, Living on the River, by Crisca Bierwert. American Anthropologist. 102 (2):376-377. [HTML]

(2000) « Compte Rendu. Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed, par Neil Sterrit, Susan Marsden, Robert Galois, Peter Grant & Richard Overstall. » Recherches Amérindiennes au Québec. 30(2):93-95. [HTML English] [HTML Français]

(2000) Review Article. Spuzzum: Fraser Canyon Histories, 1808-1939, by Andrea Laforet & Annie York. Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 20(1):215-216.

(1999) Review Article. The Fort Langley Journals, edited by M. Maclachlan. American Anthropologist. 101(4):903-4. [HTML]

(1995) Review Article. They Write their Dreams on Rock Forever, by A. York, R. Daly & C. Arnett. Anthropos, 90(4-6): 656-657. [HTML]

(1995) Review Article. Twana Narratives, by W. Elmendorf. Anthropos, 90 (1-3):256-257. [HTML]